I hope you'll enjoy my journey to Marathon des Sables 2014.

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Stage 5 Marathon des Sables 2014

The last classifcation day on Marathon des Sables 2014, Stage 5, the marathon day of 42.2km. Turns out to be an epic challenge after 200km of saharan running. Mentally and physically a really tough day that a few of us weren't expecting.

Stage 4 Marathon des Sables 2014

Stage 4 is the longest day of Marathon des Sables. 81.5km of deserty goodness. Although it didn't go quite to plan, I did get in in a reasonable time of 15hrs30

Stage 3 Marathon des Sables 2014

Stage 3 of Marathon des Sables 2014, the wheels come off my run a little bit. Then I give myself a good talking to and get back on with it.

Stage 2 of Marathon des Sables 2014

Stage 2 of Marathon des Sables 2014, we're all finding our way into a rhythm to deal with the desert

From the UK to the end of Day 1

The journey, and learning curve of Marathon des Sables, UK to the end of Day 1.

Getting tent 96 together and heading into the biggest dunes in Morocco.

Running Trail Marathon Wales in 2012

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