A trail runner, who thinks too much

I set this blog up originally to capture my journey to Marathon des Sables 2014, to raise money for Melanoma Research, after my good friend Pete died from the disease. Along with blog posts I tried to capture some thoughts, images and videos about my journey. And now running is very much part of my life, I enjoy taking pot-shots into my thoughts whilst out exploring - Ashley Charlwood.

My five last blogs are here:

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Why run a Mountain Marathon?

A weekend away running in the Cheviots with my best mate, Jeremy. We did surprisingly well on Day 1.

Wye One Way 50 mile (Might Contain Nuts)

The Wye Valley One Way 50 mile Ultra write up.

Around Cadair Idris

How things change, and normalise. When 10km seemed like a long run, finding my way round a 5hr run was unthinkable

What are the best trail running shoes?

The "best" kit is an often debated point amongst runners. I'd argue that any shoe, that meets three tests, is a good bit of kit. The rest is up to you!

Run training with Strava premium, is it worth it?

Is Strava premium worth paying for as a runner, here was my little test!

Running Trail Marathon Wales in 2012