A trailrunning journey

I set this blog up originally to capture my journey to Marathon des Sables 2014, to raise money for Melanoma Research, after my good friend Pete died from the disease. Along with blog posts I tried to capture some thoughts, images and videos about my journey. And now, trail running is very much part of my life, I still enjoy taking pot-shots into my thoughts whilst out exploring - Ashley Charlwood.

My five last blogs are here:

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Facing the Dragon

The elephant in the room, why compete, why go to an event, why measure yourself?


Why run?

Making a panel van for adventure

The idea was to take a VW Caddy Maxi and make it good for a miniadventure around France with my daughter. Not quite full on vanlife, but enough to fit into normal life.

Salomon Trail Marathon Wales, 2015

A write up of Trail Marathon Wales 2015, quite a journey, and a pleasing result - 27th overall and 3:43:34

Give it time

Being a "Timeist" quite a challenge to some peoples thinking! Here's my point of view.

Running Trail Marathon Wales in 2012